MGMG505: Management Information Systems

This course is based on the fundamental premise that the major role of information systems is to provide organizations with the information and the technologies that they need to increase strategic advantage and to improve operational efficiency. Meeting information system needs of an organization requires a thorough understanding of its business activities and information requirements. The course introduces methods for identifying these needs and how to represent them as models. It raises an awareness of an information systems development; evaluation and selection are briefly discussed.

The course then explores the various types of information system application and discusses the benefits of integrating these applications e.g., Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Transaction Processing System (TPS), etc. The systems software, hardware and communications network to support these applications are introduced. The course also includes with an overview of Electronic Commerce - how the networks and the Internet are used to conduct business transactions electronically. Basic concept of IT outsourcing and new e-business models evolved from the Internet will also be discussed.

Students will have an opportunity to apply all the knowledge, which they gain throughout the course to a real-life business via the term project. This project requires a group of students to study the business of an organization of their own choice in order to identify the organization's business activities and information requirements, and then to recommend information systems to increase its strategic advantage and to improve operational efficiency.